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Philosophy of the brand

The DNA of the brand is represented by a touch of eccentricity into each collection, using contrasting fabrics to reveal and emphasize the female silhouette. The collections show sheer transparent chiffon off cashmere and double faced crepe, mixing luxurious clothes with simple items, to create an utterly sensual, feminine, and modern look.
There is also an unusual combination of knitwear and jersey with more formal elements from a man and woman's wardrobe.
Both women's and men's collection show fully freedom to express oneself through modern, sophisticated and truly exceptional clothing.

The institutional colour palette of the brand is represented by black, white and skin colour that makes every collection recognizable.
Alessandro Dell'Acqua women's collections have always been inspired by the raw sexiness and strong femininity of the great Italian leading ladies. These women are free and powerful, characters who want to be beautiful and desired.
Alessandro Dell'Acqua's man should be elegant, but not confining, luxurious but not formal with a certain eccentricity and a capacity to balance tradition and innovation in a style that is entirely modern and personal. These clothes have an easy manliness that recall power and sensuality.
Alessandro Dell'Acqua is the essence of made in Italy, the main expression of contemporary fashion design.